Library Information Related to COVID-19

Library Information Related to COVID-19

Letter to the Community

from the Tompkins County Public Library Executive Board and the Library Director

New: Vaccination Information

Safety Requirements Related to COVID-19

The Library will require all people on the premises to abide by the following safety practices:

  • Do not visit the Library if showing any signs of illness. If you are sick, stay home.
  • Wear a clean face mask that covers both the nose and mouth when you enter and while you are in the Library. Children under 2 are not required to wear a mask.
  • If you do not have a mask, the Library will provide you with a disposable mask.
  • If you are not wearing a mask, you will be asked to leave.
  • Maintain six feet of physical distancing when you are interacting with other patrons and staff.

In the event any safety requirement is not practicable on the basis of a disability, please contact Annette Birdsall, Library Director prior to entering the Library to explore a reasonable accommodation.

Policies Regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 Confirmed Case for Library Patron Policy
COVID-19 Employee Health Screening Procedure & Policy
COVID-19 Suspected or Confirmed Case in Library Staff Policy

Information Guide for COVID-19

Find a list of links compiled by Librarian Teresa Vadakin.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What library services can I access from home?
A: Here are just some of the things you can do from home while TCPL is closed:

We would like to thank the Finger Lakes Library System for making the following adjustments:

  1. Removed patron blocks on Overdrive. Now, anyone with a Finger Lakes Library System card has access to Overdrive/Libby, even if they have fines or their card was blocked for any reason.
  2. Added more titles that are always available without holds or waitlists. They can be found in the Libby app or in the following collections on our Overdrive site: 
    Always Available Audiobooks
    Classic Ebooks for Kids that are Always Available
    Classic Fiction Ebooks that are Always Available
    Classic Nonfiction Ebooks that are Always Available.
    Thank you to Duke Classics for making their simultaneous use titles (titles that are always available with no waiting) available at no charge in response to COVID-19. Thank you, also, to the other publishers who are making their titles available at a lower cost. More information about what publishers are doing through Overdrive is available in this news announcement from Overdrive.
  3. Added links to AudioBookCloudTeenBookCloudRomanceBookCloud, and TumbleMath from TumbleBook. We already subscribe to TumbleBook Library. TumbleBook is making their collections available for free to schools and libraries through August 31, 2020. Thank you, TumbleBook!

Details about your library account and services follow in this message. We are all sorry about closing the Library, but it is important for us all to be safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Q: I don't have a library card. Can I can get one online?
A: Yes. We can issue library cards while we are closed. Please visit

Q: My books are due, and I'm not sure how to return them. What do I do?
A: For safety reasons, returns must be made in the open outside bookdrops (marked with a sign). Due to the 72-hour quarantine requirement for materials, no items can be brought into the building or returned to staff. 

Q: Is there any way I can ask one of the librarians a reference question?
A: We'll continue to be available to you via email at

Q. Are you having an online book discussion?
A: Asia will continue to offer Break for Books every Wednesday from noon until 1:00 via Facebook