Letter to the Community, March 2020

Letter to the Community, March 2020

To our community:

It is after significant consideration that Tompkins County Public Library made the decision to close through June 30 (updated 5/8/20) because of our responsibility to the community in limiting the spread of the Coronavirus. You can still access many online resources at www.tcpl.org.

We are aware of the impact this has on our community, and understand the difficulty this may cause. Our library is a gathering place for everyone. And we know we are a specific place of refuge for vulnerable individuals and a gathering place for families. This was not an easy decision.

The numbers of patrons coming through our doors every day and the dedicated staff that make our library work means that we exceed the public health guidelines for social distancing put in place to assist in our region’s efforts to curb COVID-19.

If you have access to the internet, the Library's many digital services are still available. See below for more information.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and follow guidance from county and state health officials when making decisions. Please check our website for the latest information.

We truly look forward to seeing you all again soon. For more information, contact Director Annette Birdsall at abirdsall@tcpl.org or board president Luca Maurer at lmaurer@ithaca.edu. 


Tompkins County Public Library Executive Board, Luca Maurer, President, Ingrid Jensen, Vice-President, Blixy Taetzsch, Secretary, Thompson Terry, Treasurer and

Annette Birdsall, Director