Patron Comments

Patron Comments

Patron Comments from May 2018

Comment: Too many screens! In the front lobby, in the kids area, etc. My 6 year old does not need more screens to distract her. Thanks.

Response: We understand your concern about the prevalence of screens; although we do need to balance the need of patrons lacking those resources to access them at the library, and our need to communicate. The library isn’t exempt from the digital age, and we hope you do enjoy the screen free reading areas of the library.

Comment: DVD of the old “Teacher’s Pet” film with Clark Gable, Doris Day and Spencer Tracey.

Response: Thank you for the collection recommendations. We will be sure to share them with our collection development team, but you can also make those requests right from our webpage at

Comment: You guys rock . . . .and roll!

Response: Thank you so much for acknowledging the excellence of our library staff – we agree!

Patron Comments from April 2018

Comment:  Larry helped me place a hold requested for teaching assistant civil exam book they don’t have in FLLS (last year). He pulled it from world cat (Rochester Library), and inspired me to take the teaching assistant which is unpopular in this county. Without him I would not come this far to take the examination. And now we have book of Teaching Assistant Civil Service Exam book already which would help a lot of people in the county can step up in their job and become teaching assistants. He is such a great asset of the library and we’re really proud of him.

Response: Assisting with information and employment resources is an important service of the library, and we have excellent staff to help. We will let Larry know of your gratitude.

Comment:  Stand up desks!

Response: Standing desks have become more popular in the workplace; when the library is able to add more study furniture we will keep your request in mind. Thank you.

Comment: I think that you should station a Librarian in the teen room to make sure they are appropriate.

Response: Happily, we are hiring more staff for the teen area. Everyone is required to adhere to the library’s code of conduct; although we do encourage young children and adults to select other areas of the library as the teen center belongs to teens with all the behaviors they bring.

Comment: Thanks very much for being open Sundays!

Response: Our Sunday hours are funded by the Town of Ithaca, and we will be sure to let them know of your appreciation.

Comment: Don’t be such babies – we live in upstate NY not Florida. Keep the library open on snow days. Last Friday TCAT ran all day!! Stop being wimps and start serving the people.

Response: We are glad you value an open library as much as we do. Although we do need to balance the needs of our staff and public as weather conditions in upstate NY do present hazard travel conditions even for professional drivers.

Comment: Subject: restrooms (women’s specifically from personal experience). Would signs be blatant “reminders” to some people who need it? To me this is equivalent to dog owners who leave their dogs’ excrement outside in public spaces and walkways. Suggestions: • Kindly respect yourself and the next patron by keeping this restroom clean • Please leave this space the way you wish to find it. • How can we save the planet if human beings are not conscious of their own personal cleanliness?

Response: Thank you for wanting to keep our library environment in good order. We respect that people do try their best to take care of the library, but please let us know when you find that the restrooms need attention.