Call for Curators

Call for Curators

TCPL is now seeking curators for its 2019 art exhibit program. Four curated art exhibits on the theme Space will take place in 2019.  

Curators are invited to present exhibits that address space in thought-provoking ways. Creating and maintaining physical, emotional, and intellectual space for patrons of all walks of life is integral to a library’s mission. Indeed, space is an integral part of every individual’s daily life. In our everyday language, we hear the word space in a number of ways: personal space, outer space, safe space, living space, work space. In visual art there is negative space and positive space; in dance, space is the place shared by the dancers; in writing, a space is both where and when the reader pauses, breathes, and reflects.

When you think about space, what images and concepts does the word conjure?  Large, empty places?  Small, secret corners? Is it tangible or abstract? Real or imaginary? Shared or solitary? Perhaps all of these things?  Our definitions of space are continuously being shaped and adapted to meet ever-changing personal and social conditions and environments. How do you describe, find, explore, use, and adapt to space?

Proposals must be submitted in PDF format to by August 17, 2018. The Art Exhibit Committee of TCPL will review proposals and respond by August 24. There may be an interview before a decision is made, no later than September 14.

For more information about dates, exhibit space, expectations, proposal guidelines, and space specifications visit our Exhibits page and click on "Call for Curators."