Patron Comments

Patron Comments

July 2021

Comment: Baby plugs covers for outlet
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We have installed plugs for outlets in Youth Services.

Comment: Please bring back Out-of-System ILL World Cat
Response: We apologize for the current loss of interlibrary loan. The Finger Lakes Library System has indicated that they hope to restore this service by the end of this year. We are exploring alternatives systems as we know our community needs this service.

Comment: It would be wonderful to have access to more programming/computer science/IT certification/security/cryptography/networking, etc. Thank you! Currently reading “Beyond Basic Python” by Al Sweigart. This prompted the suggestion.
Response: Thank you so much for this suggestion. We are looking forward to bringing back more programming for our Digital Lab. We will pass these suggestions on to the librarian responsible for the Lab.

Comment: Please open back entrance during demolition of Green St. Garage this week (starting). I have COPD, but everyone has lungs damaged by cement dust. Thank you.
Response: We are so sorry that the demolition of the Green St. Garage is causing distress. Unfortunately, the back door is an Emergency Exit and we are not allowed to use it for an entry/exit. We were allowed during the pandemic due to the emergency status in the County but are now required to return that to the original use as a Fire door. We do have two parking spaces on Cayuga Street that allow for closer access to the front entrance. It may also help to wear a mask to help with the dust. We will be monitoring the situation as well.