Spotlight on Summer Family Storytime

Spotlight on Summer Family Storytime

Summer Family Storytime (SFST) was born 2 years ago for those who can’t make it to our popular Stories in the Park program on Tuesday mornings due to scheduling conflicts.  The program is held on Saturday mornings at 11:00, and is basically a repeat of the previous Tuesday’s Stories in the Park program, but we meet inside, and I get to add a craft :) (which is practically impossible to do in the park. You never know how many people will show up - and how to cart all those supplies??).

Here are a few of the crafts we have enjoyed making at SFST so far this summer:

For our Down on the Farm theme we made wooly sheep with real sheep’s wool from Golden Grove Farm, located here in the Finger Lakes.

For the June is National Adopt a Cat Month craft we made “Quilty Kitties.” We picked an 8 ½” X 11” kitty outline from 3 different designs and filled it in with scraps of felt.

For Libraries Rock! we made paper plate tambourines. Find my inspiration here:  (Sorry about the cereal marketing! But the tambourines were fun and easy!) We switched it up by using our own paper decorations.

For Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! we made cute lion puppets on sticks. More inspiration derived from the internet:  We used printed and construction papers instead of ribbon for the lion’s manes.

There’s more to come! Come get crafty with us at Summer Family Storytime on Saturday mornings!