Summer Outreach

Summer Outreach

During the summer, Youth Services staff spend a lot of our energies reaching out to our local community organizations.  The library does not exist solely between our building’s walls - you may see us anywhere! Whether it’s visiting Cass Park summer camp, Coddington Community Center, or various Headstart locations or it’s hosting the GIAC Tiny Tots or BOCES Smith school students here at the library, we love bringing books and activities to all our communities’ children!  This year, we were excited to add Downtown Ithaca Childcare Center and Global Roots Play School to our schedule!

When we visit in the summer, we make sure to bring information on our Summer Reading Challenge along with hilarious stories such as Almost Everybody Farts and awesome science experiments like the Exploding Lunchbag. (Maybe not what you are expecting from your local librarians????)

We have programs for all ages – babies through adults!  Working with camp counselors and daycare providers, many of our communities’ kids are participating in TCPL’s Summer Reading Challenge through their daycare or summer camp – reading every day, earning free books, and earning a chance to win some great raffle prizes!

If your child isn’t participating through these outreach locations make sure to stop by the library to sign up or visit this page!

Where have YOU seen our fantastic librarians??