The Library at Night!

The Library at Night!

Ever wonder what the library is like at night?  Last week, during our Secrets of the Library writing program, author Anne Mazer and tween participants imagined what kinds of adventures could occur in a library at night.  After brainstorming, the room was rich with ideas including: an orphan finding a place of belonging, a nighttime garage band, and book characters coming to life when no one else was around.  Young writers in the program used their ideas as story writing prompts and many eagerly shared what they had written out loud with the group.

If you want to read a story that includes a nighttime adventure in the library, here are some fun titles to try!

The Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara
E Kohara
"Once there was a library that only opened at night. Step inside and meet the little librarian and her three assistant owls.”

Bunny’s Book Club by Annie Silvestro
E Silvestro
Bunny loves reading so much that he begins sneaking into the library at night to borrow books, and soon his friends want to join him.

Help! I’m a Prisoner in the Library by Eth Clifford
J Clifford
Two girls spend an adventurous night trapped inside the public library during a terrible blizzard.