TCPL Staff Picks for June

TCPL Staff Picks for June

Need inspiration for your next read/listen or watch? Our staff always return with more recommendations for you!

“We’ve been watching A Gentleman in Moscow (stunning) and Doc Martin (streaming on Hoopla) and I’m reading Mick Herron’s books that the show Slow Horses with Gary Oldman is based on.” -Kerry, TCPL Foundation

“I've been really enjoying Malka Older's novellas 'The Mimicking of Known Successes' and 'The Imposition of Unnecessary Obstacles.'  They're a fusion of classic mystery stories, post-Earth sci-fi, and cozy queer romance.  An investigator on Jupiter faces a case where she needs to consult her ex-girlfriend, a professor of the former ecology of the now-uninhabitable Earth.  The romance and mystery are good, but for me the star of the show is Older's worldbuilding, which balances big ideas with a setting that feels very lived-in.  I can't wait for books 3 and beyond. One of my desert island albums is I Am A Bird Now by Anohni and the Johnsons*.  The word 'ethereal' gets used a lot, but Anohni's voice truly is ethereal.  And the album is concerned with big ethereal concepts like death and rebirth, spirit and love, all through a transgender lens.  The music takes cues from gospel and chamber pop, and it's very precisely arranged with mostly piano and strings.   A weighty, emotional listen for fans of Bjork and Sufjan Stevens.”  -Alex, Access Services

“Mouse on the River: A Journey Through Nature with illustrations by Alice Melvin and words by William Snow. I fell in love with this beautiful, new picture book the minute I saw it! It has everything you need for a great read aloud for kids who love: Mice, (😊obvi!) adventures, nature, lift-the-flaps, longer stories, and incredible, homey illustrations with LOTS of tiny details! Oh, did I mention the seek and find element of those illustrations? Or the extra information at the back of the book where you can learn more about the animals, insects and plants that live along the river, and how to pack for a day long adventure on a river…? Hah! I just did!  With all this packed into one gorgeous book, kids of all ages and their caregivers will relish this book and want to come back to it again and again. I know I will!” -Kelly, Youth Services

“I want to recommend Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, a documentary from Anna Hints. Watching this I thought 'no wonder people have always accused women of being witches!' I loved it. The pain humans carry around never ceases to astound me. I loved watching these women unburden themselves in the care of others --- and laugh, and softly hit each other with tree branches, and plunge into cold lakes. Highly recommended for anyone looking to sink deeper into their humanity.”  -Kate, Circulation Department

Beautyland by Marie-Helene Bertino. This is a very unique coming-of-age story that reflects on the bizarre, mundane, beautiful and painful parts of what it is to be human, alone and together, in this time. And I loved that the main character communicates with her alien people through an old fax machine! Funny, tender, and wise, Bertino finds a way to tell an old story in a new way.” -Cassie, Youth Services

“Recently, I’ve been on a big happy-music-make-me-laugh kick. Now, that may be things like Weird Al Yankovic for some people, but I find myself gravitating towards the lore of Cow Planet from my childhood. All the Sandra Boynton books and CDs were instrumental in my childhood, and I can still tell you that among all the Bobs, the turtle’s name is Simon James Alexander Ragsdale the Third. I now understand why my parents loved it when I requested Sandra Boynton. When I was a kid, it was just fun and goofy to sing along to “Faraway Cookies” and make my parents laugh as I tried to sing that high. But listening to it now, as a Grown Up, I can truly appreciate the songs by the Bacon Brothers, Meryl Streep, Five for Fighting and Alison Krauss. Personal favorites of mine are “Dragonfire,” “Philadelphia Chickens” and “Speed Turtle,” either in book or song form!” -Ally, Circulation Department