TCPL Staff Picks!

TCPL Staff Picks!

Here at TCPL, we always have lots to say about books, film, and more! Here are a few recommendations from our staff:

“Right now, I'm almost done with the YA fiction book "Gwen & Art Are Not in Love" by Lex Croucher. It's like going to Medieval Times (is that still around?) except 100% more gay. It heavily features Arthurian legend but with the author's own twists. It would be a great book for fans of queer romance, romantic comedies, or campy fantasy. However, while I picked up the book for its romantic plot, I stayed for its heartwarming portrayal of WLW/MLM solidarity, queer friendship, and how deeply impactful platonic relationships can be on our lives especially with people who share something with us that not everyone will understand. We have both the physical book, and a digital copy on Libby - though the hold waitlist on Libby was pretty long last time I checked!”

-Sasha, Youth Services

“It was recently Emma Thompson’s birthday so it was a great excuse to revisit some of her earlier films, like Howard’s End! I hadn’t watched that in years and forgot how sublime it is.

I honestly could rewatch Hunt for the Wilderpeople every week and never get tired of it.

My musical taste tends to run to darker, grittier fare like Tom Waits and Dirty Three, but I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift lately, mostly as an act of protest against people who like to look down on artists they deem dismissively as popular. I like her stuff. She’s worth the hype”.

-Kerry, TCPL Foundation

You can stream Howard’s End and Hunt for the Wilderpeople on Kanopy, and listen to Taylor Swift and Tom Waits on Hoopla with your library card!

Between two Fires by Christopher Buehlman. “Set in medieval France during the Black Plague, Between two Fires is a supernatural horror story incorporating historical fiction and biblical terror in equal measure. The characters are as vividly rendered as the ravaged landscape, and the adversity is presented as hauntingly unknowable as the plague itself. This is sure to please fans of medieval fiction and Clive Barker style supernatural and body horror genres”.

  -Sam, Access Services

“You Don't Have A Shot by Racquel Marie. On a quest to read stories I wish I had in high school, I was sold immediately on this premise: Rival players are forced to team up at summer soccer camp, LGBTQIA+ characters abound. I was expecting a light story with some teenage shenanigans and cute first romance. And what I got was the story of a teenager who is deeply dedicated to her craft, working through familial trauma, and yearning for vulnerability in friendships. Racquel Marie's great respect for the unique emotional intimacy between the two main characters is what makes this book such a privilege to read (and re-read). I thoroughly enjoyed the audiobook read by Marisol Ramirez. This title is available in both print at TCPL and as an e-book via Libby.”

-Shelby, Access Services

“I am always looking for fun kids books from our shelves to read for story time, and often I find books that aren’t quite right to hold the attention spans of tiny humans, but they charm me to no end. One of those books is The Best Worst Poet Ever   by Lauren Stohler. Cat and Pug go head to head to prove they are the better poet in a verse off, trading haikus, sonnets, freestyle- all to the readers delight. Bonus: the illustrations are super cute and funny. This is a great one to read aloud to anyone who will listen.

I’m also re-watching the Mad Max movies in preparation for Furiosa’s release on the big screen and happy to say I can get all of the films from TCPL’s DVD/bluray collection. Mad Max, Road Warrior, Thunderdome, and Fury Road. I can watch all those by May 24, right?”

-Woody, Youth Services