Calling All Submissions to TCPL's QuaranZine!

Calling All Submissions to TCPL's QuaranZine!

Hello from TCPL!

Since March 2020, Tompkins County has been in a state of quarantine in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, experiences have varied greatly. We're interested in capturing experiences, memories, and sentiments from this time (March-July 2020) in a digital community scrapbook we are calling TCPL’s QuaranZine. Using the links below, you will find leading questions to inspire your recollections. Feel free to fill out one, some, or all questions.

Staff will select from collected responses and compile a digital edition "zine" to be shared with the Tompkins County community. All who submit will be emailed the final edition in PDF form, and physical copies will be kept in the Local History collection at TCPL. Any images and responses submitted may be edited for length, and included by TCPL in the QuaranZine and subsequent advertisement both in print and online.

Use this link, which allows for photo uploads, if you have a personal gmail account:

Use this link, which collects text only, if you do NOT have a gmail account:

Deadline is August 8! Questions? Contact

We wish you wellness during this challenging time,


Cady, Meghan, Josh and Sophia