Teen Center Policy

Edward J. Smith Teen Center

Tompkins County Public Library is dedicated to providing a warm, welcoming, enjoyable, and safe environment for people of all ages. For our community's teens, we are dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, and positive space that is uniquely their own.  We offer programs and services to specifically support teens and their needs, and we have centralized information and recreation resources for them in our Teen Center. 

This dedicated space is designed and intended to be used by patrons in grades 6 through 12 (or their homeschool equivalent).  Computers in the Teen Center are available to patrons age 12 through 17 (Grades 6 through 12 or their homeschool equivalent) only.

Everyone is welcome to access materials in the Teen Center. Staff are available to assist all patrons in locating these materials; once selected, adults, and children in grades 5 and below (or their homeschool equivalent) are encouraged to take their items to other areas of the library. 

Teens, as with all Library patrons, must comply with the Library Code of Conduct.

Adapted from the National Teen Space Guidelines by YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association).


Approved by the Tompkins County Public Library Board of Trustees on February 22, 2022.

PDF Version of the Policy