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BorgWarner East is half of our partitioned Community Room, and has a maximum capacity of 52 people. Tables and chairs are configured in a standard setup like the photo, but you may reconfigure the furniture to meet your needs. The room is equipped with a podium that has a built-in touchscreen panel with a simple menu to guide you in using the audiovisual features. 

This meeting room is available during regular TCPL hours and for limited periods outside the hours TCPL is open.


The public address system includes microphones that broadcast through ceiling-mounted speakers on both sides of the room, with a touchscreen option to enable or disable speakers on either side of the room. The system has the ability to project video sources from laptop computers or from the Library's DVD/Blu-ray player, with or without audio. Only one video source may be simultaneously supported. Supported computers include those with Windows, Apple, and Chrome operating systems. 

The Library's current system supports video projection at 1920x1080 maximum resolution (4K resolution is NOT supported). 

While the projector will accept either HDMI or VGA input, HDMI is preferred. Laptops with DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, Mini-DP, DVI, or other digital video ports will require an adapter to convert the connector to HDMI, and BorgWarner Room patrons must provide their own HDMI adapters, as needed. 

Please read the BorgWarner Projector Quicksheet for instructions prior to your event


Access to TCPL’s northeast entrance, near the BorgWarner Room, will be provided to patrons whose meetings occur before or after TCPL hours, or who need to coordinate food or equipment deliveries. All other access is through the TCPL main entrance.


Patrons are welcome to serve light refreshments. TCPL does not provide kitchen appliances, utensils, dishes, or paper products to serve refreshments; this is the responsibility of the individual or group reserving the space. Wine and beer may only be served if the group reserving the room provides a valid alcohol license with the reservation request and complies with applicable liquor laws.

Audiovisual Equipment & Technology

The BorgWarner Room podium has a built-in panel with a user-friendly menu to guide patrons using available audiovisual features. The system has the ability to project video sources, with or without audio. The audio system includes a microphone/speakers option which enables or disables speakers on either side of the room. TCPL cannot guarantee that Library staff will be available to assist with operating audiovisual equipment during the event. Instructions on how to use this equipment is available in the room.

Reserving the Room

There is no fee for reserving and using the BorgWarner Room. The room must be reserved for a minimum of one (1) hour. Setup, cleanup, and restoring the room to standard configuration are the responsibility of the individual/group reserving the space. Time to accomplish these tasks must be included in the hours requested. Reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance, but no more than 90 days in advance, of the date requested.

Cancellation Policy

TCPL maintains the right to cancel any advance reservation made by an individual or public group in favor of TCPL programming or in the event of an emergency.


Room Setup - Enclosed Rectangle


Reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance, but no more than 90 days in advance, of the date requested.