Summer Is a Great Time For Book Clubs

Summer Is a Great Time For Book Clubs

Did you know that the library has Book Club Kits? Currently, we have non-fiction and fiction titles.  We also have adult literacy kits that can be used for groups who are learning English or groups that are looking to improve their literacy skills. In the near future, we will have some graphic novel book club kits. These kits contain multiple copies of the book, and sometimes include a discussion guide.  You can borrow them for four weeks. 

We also have numerous book clubs.  This summer, as part of our Universe of Stories Summer Reading, there will be a Summer Reading Book Club discussion of C.S. Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet.

See what books club kits are available at the library.

Here are some tips for starting your own book club.

1. Decide Who to Invite - Start by deciding who you want to ask to join. Keep in mind where you plan to host the club when deciding who to invite.

2. Name It - Come up with a fun name for your new book club. This will help your group form an identity and will help keep members engaged and accountable.

3. Choose Your First Book - Do you want to read a specific genre, bestsellers, high literature, etc.?

4. Decide Where - Book clubs first started in people’s homes, and that tradition can still work today. Rotate from one house to the next so that everyone takes a turn.  The location of your book club gatherings will help set the tone, so be mindful of whether you want a relaxed, casual setting or something more formal.

5. Decide When - Depending on who’s in the club and how busy everyone is, you may decide to meet monthly, every other month or even quarterly. Just remember, you’ll need enough time to read the full book in preparation for the meeting!