Soul Writing with Lisa Margaret

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Soul Writing is an informal process of writing that involves guided meditation with deep reflective questioning and will help you to access new levels of understanding, awareness, wisdom and answers from the super-conscious part of your mind.

Guided meditation and deep relaxation techniques are used to help obtain this deeper super-conscious state so that you can access your inner wisdom.

When you take the time to listen your inner wisdom you will gain a higher understanding of life and your purpose in this world.

Lisa Margaret loves what she teaches and has many stories to tell. She has been teaching Inner Wisdom Meditation, Soul Writing and other courses such as Your Inner Compass in Ithaca and around Western New York since 2007. Lisa Margaret is a raw food vegan chef, and has taught healthy vegan cooking in her home, as well as healthy green smoothie classes at Greenstar. She is a Certified Life Coach, and has both a Bachelor's degree in Holistic Wellness and a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

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