Introduction to Wildmoon Homesteading LLC and the Women's Gardening Apprenticeship

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Event Description

Want to take an organic gardening course this summer? Come meet the teacher and Director of Wildmoon Homesteading LLC and learn about the Women's Gardening Apprenticeship. This is a 1 hour session with an introduction and slideshow about what you can learn at this 6 month (one weekend a month) gardening apprenticeship that runs May through October, just south of Ithaca, in Candor, NY.
Join us any time in the discussion, stay for a few minutes and pick up a brochure or the full hour and chat with Suzanne.
Suzanne Johnson has been gardening for 25 years and learning to store most of her fruits and vegetables to last the year. She teaches a biointensive, small scale style of gardening that only requires hand tools. Something you can do right in your backyard!
To learn more about Suzanne and this program before attending check out her website at .