Grassroots Leadership Training: Healthcare Storytelling

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Event Description

Have you ever delayed going to the doctor or getting medication because of cost?
Ever stayed in a job because of the benefits?
Do you worry about the cost of healthcare, now or in the future?
Do you believe healthcare should be guaranteed for everyone?

The for-profit privatized healthcare system is hurting all of us — and it’s gone on far too long! In order to win healthcare for all, we must build a movement that includes everyone who stands to benefit from a transformation in the healthcare system. Our stories are our most powerful tool to fight for the right to healthcare and the many other changes our communities need!

Join the Campaign for New York Health and Physicians for a National Health Program NY Metro for a participatory workshop on how sharing our healthcare stories can help us be more effective advocates for universal healthcare and leaders for social change.

Dinner will be served. Childcare available upon request. For transportation or childcare, contact Ursula (315) 414-7720 by Friday, March 6.

During the training, participants will:
- learn about and discuss the findings of the report Coverage to Care: A People’s Report on Healthcare in New York and the healthcare human rights principles
- develop their story-based advocacy skills in order to be more effective leaders in the movement for universal healthcare
- learn best practices for sharing personal healthcare stories and documenting stories in their communities and networks.

Through this training, we seek to develop the advocacy leadership of New Yorkers most impacted by inequities in healthcare by providing trainings on story-based advocacy and human rights principles. Through our research, we’ve found that 50% of New Yorkers with insurance struggle to get the care they need; women, people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities, and transgender people are disproportionately negatively impacted. We believe the leadership of people who know the most about how healthcare fails us is critical to achieving equitable healthcare access for all New York Yorkers. Please share this invitation with interested community members who are passionate about healthcare justice and social change.

The link to the Coverage to Care report can be found at: