The Benefits and Management of Traditional Farm Hedgerows

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A presentation from Jim Jones and Nigel Adams from the UK.

Despite their absence from many of the landscapes of North America, hedgerows and hedgerow networks are increasingly recognized as important features in both rural and urban settings. Their importance in modern agriculture and agro-forestry systems is being recognized for the benefits to wildlife habitat and ecological connectivity, but also a range of ‘ecosystem services” including stock management, pollination, protection of soil erosion, carbon sequestration, flood management, pest management, together with socio-ecological relationships such as sense of place, culture, heritage and nature connection. The practice of ‘hedgelaying’ has developed to keep hedgerows thicky, bushy and stock proof. It is practiced extensively in Europe, but is also not currently North America.

Join us to learn more about hedgerows and their management, and how the project team are bringing the traditional managed hedgerow and hedgelaying to the North American landscape.