Community Bulletin Board

Community Bulletin Board

As a center for community information, the Tompkins County Public Library supports the free flow of information and the exchange of ideas. To that end, we provide a community bulletin board inside the entrance to the Library for individuals and community groups to announce events and services that are of general and current interest. Notices may not be mounted to walls, doors, windows, or other surfaces in the Library. If damage occurs, the posting parties are responsible for the cost of repairs.

Posting of notices does not reflect endorsement by the Library. Notices not complying with this policy will be removed without prior notification.

Notices may be posted according to the following guidelines:

  1. One copy of a notice is permitted.
  2. Maximum size is 11" x 17".
  3. Materials must clearly show date of posting.
  4. Maximum time for posting is 30 days. Notices of events will be removed after those events have occurred.
  5. Notices should not obscure other notices.
  6. All notices must be placed within the edges of the bulletin board.
  7. Please do not remove any postings.
  8. No postings may be placed in areas designated for Library use.
  9. The Library reserves the right to remove any material deemed unsuitable or inappropriate without prior notice. See Use of Public Space policy.
  10. The Library is not responsible for the preservation or protection of materials posted. Push pins are available at the Security Desk. Please do not use staples.

Maintenance of the community bulletin board is the responsibility of the Access and Circulation Services Department. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to

Approved by the Tompkins County Public Library Board of Trustees September 27, 2011; Updated by the TCPL Library Services & Policy Committee May 29, 2017


PDF Version of the Policy