Cornell Astronomy Presents: Jack Madden

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Program Type: STEAM, Community Groups, Lectures


Cornell Astronomy Graduate Research Teaching Fellow Jack Madden will present a lecture titled: The New Search for Life

Recent discoveries of extreme forms of life in the past few decades have changed the way we are searching for life in our solar system and beyond. Places we once thought would be barren in the cosmos may in fact be teeming with organisms. We will explore how astronomers gather and interpret the data needed to find life and examine a few of the best places to look.

Jack Madden is a PhD candidate at Cornell University researching astrophysics and physics education. His specific research involves simulating the atmospheres of planets that could potentially harbor life outside our solar system. By using computer models for how temperature, pressure, and chemical reactions change in an atmosphere for a planet around another star we are able to explore possible conditions for life around newly discovered planets. Madden's work is part of the Carl Sagan Institutes goal of helping to characterize upcoming exoplanet discoveries in an effort to find evidence for biological processes on these new worlds.


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